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    Xogen® Reactor and Process


New Technology, New Cost Equation, New Business Model

Xogen’s patented technology has proven to cost-effectively treat high ammonia concentrations that traditional treatment is unable to accomplish. Our efficient electrolytic process is odourless, low-cost and produces faster results that are unmatched by current technologies.

  • Low-Cost
  • Small footprint
  • Odourless
  • Immune to Toxic Upsets
  • Remote Monitored
  • Faster Results
  • Modular
  • Fast Startup and Shutdown

Our business models encourage a long-term customer relationship that ensures your regulatory treatment issues are dealt with in an economic and sensible business structure that includes the ability for you to simply pay per gallon of treatment.

The System:

Our modular systems occupy much less space than conventional treatment systems. We offer complete turnkey treatment systems for indoor or outdoor applications, skid mounted or containerized treatment modules.

The Technology:

Xogen has developed an advanced electrolysis oxidation technology to destroy a variety of contaminants in wastewater.


Ammonia Removal in Landfill Leachate:

Let the Xogen team help you achieve a low-cost treatment solution for your ammonia problems. Read more about our solution here.

Ammonia Removal in Publicly-Owned Treatment Works (POTW’s) & Municipalities:

The Xogen system can improve efficacy of existing treatment systems by reducing ammonia to allowable levels. Learn more about how our solution fits your existing treatment processes here.