Our Strategic Partner

Strategic Alliance

Xogen has entered into a strategic alliance with STT Enviro Corp for the assembly of their modularized treatment units.

STT has over thirty years of experience building water treatment and chemical make down systems for some of the biggest and most respected names in the mining and oil and gas sectors as well as a strong municipal business in both the US and Canada.  Through their two operating groups, STT Systems & Solutions and STT Tanks & Industrial, STT engineers and supplies a range of environmental and industrial products and services including:

STT Systems & Solutions

  • Environmental systems to neutralize pollutants (usually acid water) created in the ore recovery process in the mining and oil and gas industries and PH neutralization in Municipal water treatment.
  • Lifecycle support for systems customers. Supply of system retrofits, components, optimization and service to improve the efficiency of systems.

STT Tanks & Industrial

  • Bolted storage tanks for municipal, industrial and oil and gas applications.
  • Offload storage and on load systems for various products including cement transload and fly ash.

With STT’s capacity in engineering, design, assembly, test, operations and their feet on the ground in the US market, this relationship will enable Xogen to supply high quality, robust treatment units to US landfill leachate and municipal markets.

Our strategic partner, STT Enviro Corp announced today that Carmeuse Lime (Canada) Limited has agreed to make an offer to acquire STT Enviro Corp. Read the press release here.

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