Ammonia Treatment

The Advanced Electro-Oxidation (AEO)-Ammonia process was developed to treat high strength ammonia wastewater; such as leachate from landfills or centrate or side stream sludge from municipal sewage treatment plants.

Ammonia is lethal to aquatic life in relatively low concentrations making regulating effluent with ammonia contamination critical. Governments all over the world are imposing stricter regulations on effluent discharges increasing costs and complexity for operators of landfills and publicly-owned treatment works (POTW’s), two primary sources of ammonia in wastewater.

Landfill Leachate – the Xogen System can address ammonia issues in any sized landfill. learn more.

Municipal or Publicly-Owned Treatment Works – the Xogen System can easily integrate into your existing processes and cost-effectively reduce ammonia contamination in your plant. learn more.