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Xogen’s Capabilities

Q: Can your product be used in harsh locations?
Yes, we offer two designs to accommodate varying site specific environmental conditions. Our skid-mounted module works well in an indoor environment keeping our equipment contained and out of the way of other equipment and processes in your plant. Our containerized system is a self-contained unit designed to be used outdoors in a variety of environments including remote locations and harsh climatic conditions.

Q: Do you provide full-automated control/system?
Yes our system is fully automated through the use of the PLC. It can be monitored onsite through the HMI (Human-Machine-Interface) or remotely using a SCADA system. Read More

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Q: What is Electro-Oxidation?
Oxidization is the loss of electron(s) in one element, to create a gain of electrons in another thereby changing the chemical structure and properties of the original element (Oxidized iron becomes rust). The electro-oxidation process is an oxidation process which is driven by electricity. It is a process in which, by using electric current and specially designed electrodes, a controlled amount of electric current is passed through the polluted water to produce strong oxidizing compounds that are capable of breaking the pollutants down into non-polluting species.

Q: How does Electro-Oxidation treat ammonia in wastewater?
Different from biological nitrification and denitrification process, the ammonia in wastewater is oxidized directly to nitrogen gas by the radicals generated by the electro-oxidation process.

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 Treatability Testing

Q: What is a treatability test?
A treatability test allows us to determine the technical specifications of treating your wastewater. A treatability test is conducted in our lab using a water sample from your site.

The treatability Test is as simple as 1,2,3:
1. Request a Collection Kit
2. Fill-up the cans provided in the kit and fill out the submittal form
3. Our courier will return 2 days later to pick-up your samples and send them to our lab!

It’s that easy.  We’ll let you know once the lab receives the samples. The results will take two weeks from when we receive your sample and we’ll be in touch along the way.

 Q: How much water will you need for the treatability test?
We require 20 liters, or 5 gallons of water. Simple instructions are sent with the water collection kit.

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Pilot Plants

Q: What’s a pilot plant?
An Xogen Pilot Plant is a smaller electro-oxidation unit that can be installed on your site to refine the achievement of treatment objectives. A pilot plant allows us to optimize the treatment process based on site specific conditions as every circumstance is different and it allows us to ensure we have optimized the final cost quote.

 Q: Why do I need a pilot plant?
A pilot plant collects operation data in the field and provides feedback for analyzing the impact of the Xogen System onsite, such as operation cost and power consumption.

 Q: What is the size of the pilot plant?
The Xogen Pilot Plant is in 8’L x 8’W x 8’H.

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Commercial System

Q: What is your commercial system?
We supply two types of turnkey treatment systems. The containerized system is a fully contained system that is pre-engineered to reduce on-site costs of installation and commissioning and is suitable for outdoor environments. The skid-mounted treatment module is suitable for integration into an existing system. The 40’ flat-rack skid can be placed in indoor environments. Read more about our products here.

Q: What is the footprint of the commercial system?
Our approach to plant design is highly modular. Containerized systems are provided in a 40’L x 8’W x 10’H container. Each unit is built based on site specific requirements for treatment (flow rate, degree of treatment required etc.) and multiple single units will be supplied to meet the treatment objectives.

The skid-mounted modules are provided on a 40’ flat-rack skid. The skid-mounted modules are customized to treatment requirements and multiple single units will be supplied to meet the treatment objectives.

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