How it Works

Advanced Electro-Oxidation (AEO)

Xogen has developed an advanced Electro-Oxidation technology that uses unique electrodes to destroy a variety of contaminants in wastewater. When powered with electricity, the reactors generate numerous oxidizing ions. These quickly react with organics, bacteria, and ammonia; as well as, pharmaceutical and personal care products (PPCPs) in wastewater destroying them in minutes.

How it works

Screened wastewater is pumped through Xogen’s reactor. When the wastewater contacts an electrode in the reactor a direct oxidation of the contaminants occurs on the surface of the electrode as well as the generation of highly oxidizing species including ozone, hydrogen peroxide and hydroxyl radicals. As these highly oxidative species form they immediately react with organic matter, ammonia compounds and other constituents in the aqueous solution and get converted into a mixture of hydrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide and nitrogen gas. Suspended solids in the wastewater will precipitate or float to the surface by the micro-bubbles of gas generated while pathogens are completely killed.