Our Story

In 2002 the researchers at Xogen decided to take what at the time was a patented technology to split tap water into hydrogen and oxygen gas by a unique way of applying an electrical signal and see if that same technology could be used to dewater sewage sludge. What they discovered was a method to rapidly (in minutes) destroy organics such as COD and Ammonia and organisms such as E. Coli where traditional biological treatment approaches took hours to accomplish.

17 years and $20M later, the company has developed the technology to commercial scale and treated challenging wastewaters in Canada and the US, such as those found in industry, landfills, and contaminated sites.

Today the company has partnered with manufacturers, integrators, engineering companies, municipalities and many others to roll out one of the most significant technical approaches to the treatment of contaminated water in 100 years, Advanced Electro Oxidation (AEO).