Pilot Plants

Q: How long does the pilot plant needs to run?
Typically, a two to three month pilot test will generate enough data for a reliable full scale design and final cost parameters.

Q: Can the pilot run in the winter?
The Xogen Pilot Plant is designed for outdoor operation if the ambient temperature is not expected to fall below the freezing point. In locations where the temperature can fall below freezing, it is preferred that the pilot is installed indoors. If that is not a possibility a heater can be supplied for outdoor operations during colder months.

Q: What do I need to provide onsite for the pilot plant?
The Xogen Pilot Plant requires paved ground or a level gravel pad, three phase electricity (208V, 60A), and access to fresh water.

Q: What do I need to do to operate the pilot plant?
Nothing except periodic checks. We will take care of the installation and operation for the pilot plant and monitor the pilot plant remotely.

Q: Have you run any pilot plants before?
Yes, we have run multiple pilots before. One such pilot was run at a landfill in NY that consistently reduced ammonia from 500 mg/L to 200 mg/L. Read more about the pilot here.

Q: How much does it cost for the pilot plant?
We own the pilot plant and lease it out for pilot tests or may provide it at no cost if there is a commitment to use our system once the final OPEX numbers are proven to be at or lower than the treatment test cost estimate we have already provided you. Please contact us for more information on the Xogen Pilot Plant program.