Advanced Electro Oxidation (AEO)

We designed a modularized electrolysis reactor to deliver our technology.

The reactor is 42” x 17” x 6”, weighting around 55 lbs and can be easily handled by one person. The engineered plastic shell of the reactor is designed to be lightweight, but strong enough to handle the required pressures of the system and to resist the heat and chemicals produced by the electrolysis reactions. Multiple reactors are linked together to easily scale up the treatment capacity.

Xogen’s modular design makes scaling your treatment options easy, cost-effective and efficient. The engineered turnkey system can be either skid-mounted for indoor applications or containerized in a typical sea container which allows for multiple applications in areas with little infrastructure or in remote environments.

Each model is custom fitted with the components required based on the type of wastewater treated. Landfill Leachate and Municipal Wastewater have different treatment requirements requiring custom design of the system.

Containerized treatment module

The containerized module is installed inside a 40-foot sea container. A heater installed in the sea container maintains the temperature inside the container allowing for use in outdoor environments; making the Xogen system suitable for remote or undeveloped areas.

Skid-mounted treatment module

For integration into an existing system, this treatment module, can be installed on a 40’ flat-rack skid which can be placed in a system design. It incorporates a screener to remove large size particles prior to entering the Xogen units. The clarifier after the Xogen units removes suspended solids which are handled by a filter press. A PLC control panel allows the system to run automatically.

Remote Monitoring Capabilities

The treatment system is fully automated through use of the PLC. The system can be controlled onsite through the HMI (Human Machine Interface) or remotely via a SCADA system. Xogen provides remote technical support through a secured connection. The PLC is equipped with a Diagnose Mode.