POTW & Municipal Treatment

Dealing with the excess ammonia you are handed.

As a professional at a wastewater treatment plant, you are aware of the increased regulation of ammonia in effluent and you are almost certainly already looking at ways to deal with it.

Xogen has developed a one-step technology which simplifies treatment and can do so at a lower cost than any other technology (in almost all instances). To validate the efficacy of our treatment and our business case, we developed the following approach for you to determine whether the Xogen System can help you achieve cost-effective regulatory compliance.

Our Process:

Provide a Sample: We will send you containers for water samples and a simple form to complete with information on your wastewater. We will cover the shipping costs and schedule the pick-up.

Receive a Cost Estimate to purchase a system (which is scalable in future): The Xogen System process is customized to your wastewater profile allowing us to target treatment and optimize efficiency and costs. We need to test your water so we can prepare an accurate proposal of costs and treatment parameters tailored to your needs.We will provide a clear and simple quote and help you determine if our treatment process should be utilized on raw water or on effluent based on your treatment parameters for you to compare to other options available.

Agree to a Pilot: We will install a pilot plant to refine the site specific parameters required for
treating your wastewater which may result in a slight reduction in the quoted price. Based on a successful demonstration of our technology and proven treatment costs you will agree to contract for wastewater treatment services through a capital purchase or through a cost per gallon treated model.

We will be the lowest cost solution in 90% of cases, making choosing an Xogen System an easy decision.

Realize Success: We will install a treatment plant and begin a service contract which includes constant monitoring and warranty so that you can be confident in your providing the regulatory result you need to achieve.