Working With Us

Working with Xogen is about starting a cooperative approach to solving a regulatory or financial problem involving ammonia removal from wastewater. We work with you to gather the information we need to tailor a system which will address your specific treatment needs and which is priced specifically according to the treatment provided. We then offer you the option of buying your system or signing a price per gallon treated service contract.

Xogen will test your wastewater to confirm our ability to treat your issue of concern.

  • Are high ammonia levels creating financial impacts for your landfill?
  • Do you have an issue with PCPP’s that your current treatment process can’t fix?
  • Regulatory pressure costing you money?

Call us now for more information on our lab testing.

Build/Own/Operate or Purchase Your Own System:

Xogen is a full-service company that will develop positive partnerships to reduce risk and increase benefits to our customers. We can spec a system to integrate with your current wastewater treatment processes or provide a quote for a build/own/operate business model which can help you solve your wastewater treatment problems faster and without the upfront capital cost that so often causes a roadblock to make the necessary decision.


We provide full scale maintenance of our systems in the field as part of our product model. Our specially trained technicians will come on-site to check and maintain the system. Whether you buy your system or pay a charge per gallon for us to provide the system, our built-in maintenance packages are part of our complete offering to ensure continuous high level treatment from your Xogen System.


The unique system control design of a Xogen System is full automated and allows for 24hr monitoring of the treatment system. On-site or remote monitoring are features of the Xogen system allowing cost-effective and secure operations and diagnostic capabilities from any location. The ease of operation can lower training and human resource costs and lower overall operating costs.

For a quote, or for more information about our services, please contact us.