Xogen Case Study on Landfill Leachate Treatment in the Field

Bristol Hill Landfill, Oswego County NY

case study landfill leachate treatment in the field

  • Leachate: 12M gallon per year
  • Peak flow: 50,000 gpd
  • Ammonia: Over 350 ppm
  • Occasional Spikes: 425 ppm
  • Limit for Ammonia: 219 ppm

8-Month Pilot Study – Treat Leachate with High Strength of Ammonia

graph of 8 month pilot study results


  • High NH3-N Removal
  • Complete Disinfection
  • Bacteria Scaling Control

Operation Expenses (OPEX) – electricity and chemicals

line chart showing operation expenses decreasing over time

Cost Efficiency

  • Improved cost efficiency by 59%
  • $4.63 to remove 1lb of ammonium

Case Study I Xogen Wastewater Treatment

Xogen Case Study: Remove NH3 from Leachate Onsite

Volunteer Landfill, Tennessee, USA

volunteer landfill site

  • Leachate: 14,400 GPD
  • Ammonia: 900 ppm
  • Target: <700 ppm

Ammonia Reduction Achieved

chart shoing ammonia reduction

Xogen Case Study: Remove NH3 and H2S from Leachate Onsite

Pierrefonds Landfill, Montreal, Canada

pierre fonds landfill

  • Leachate: 55,000 GPD
  • Ammonia: 110 ppm
  • Target: <45 ppm

Ammonia Reduction Achieved

chart of ammonia reduction at pierrefonds

NH3 Removal

  • Before treatment: 94 ppm in average
  • After treatment: 37 ppm in average

chart shoing other treatment effects

Case Study II Xogen Wastewater Treatment