Xogen Capabilities

Q: How do we know your treatment will work on our wastewater?
The Xogen System has a proven ability to treat a variety of contaminants. We offer free treatability tests which allows us to determine the technical specifications of treating your wastewater. A treatability test is conducted in our lab using a water sample from your site. Check out our free water testing process here.

Q: Can the sea containers be stacked?
Yes, in the case of limited onsite space area, the containers can be stacked up to two containers vertically.

Q: Do you require air permits to operate your facility?
It is not required in most cases. The system generates nitrogen, hydrogen, oxygen, and some carbon dioxide. The volume of the gas is not significant in most cases.

Q: What are the operating parameters for the sea containers?
Our containerized treatment system maintains its own required operating conditions and therefore can be used in a variety of temperatures, weather and remote environments. Click here to learn more about our products.

Q: Can your system be adjustable to low and high volume streams?
Yes. The system is based on modular treatment units. Additional treatment units can be added or removed to adjust for low and high stream volumes.